Content Warning: This essay deals with pregnancy loss and grief. This isn’t the essay I thought I would be writing today. I thought perhaps I’d write my…
How this newsletter is changing 15,000 subscribers later.
An intro to my new series on the power of drawing as a method of seeing, experiencing, and managing our emotions.
Part 4: Me and My Blobbies
Access the Resources, Duplicate the Template, and Start Making Your Book!
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, David Foster Wallace, and a Japanese Children's Book on how to love, live, and make art.
Part 5: Wonky Spirals
Feelings + Jellyfish
Creating my Untitled Jellyfish Picture Book
Creating My Untitled Jellyfish Picture Book
A deeper look at my sketchbook drawings, why I drew them, and what they mean to me.
Part 2: Angry Animal Robot Drawings