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This post has really got me thinking. I love this series you're making here, and the thoughts you're combining. I feel like it's "food for the soul" type stuff.

I'm going to have to read the book you mentioned - the translated Tao by Le Guin. Seems like just the kind of thing I need right now. Just last night I was struggling to sleep while wrestling with these questions, so I think my brain needs to do some proper pondering! It's interesting your link here to stories, as my idea for my current story project was to use it as a sort of "therapy" for myself, to explore ideas. Like probably all stories are.

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Another brilliant read.

If we are part of the computer coming up with the question (to which 42 is the answer) then I can already see the frame of it!!??? It seems that everyone these days know the answers - this is the Truth - I’m right, you’re wrong! - THIS is the line in the Bible that we must abide by - etc etc. But the interpretations are all based on what we NEED to believe, because if it’s all wrong, then everything we’ve built our lives upon is wrong and that is way too scary to consider!!

Tao, the Way, seems to necessarily be built upon uncertainty. Art allows us to put down the truths we see and then to listen to the opinions and emotions that it evokes...?? Listening is so hard but so necessary.

Thanks so much Christine. You’ve really made me think! So cool.

Take care beautiful soul. And thanks so much for the part that you play in my life. 🤗🤗🤗😘🌼🌼🌻

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So, so true, Beth! I think what you said about how Tao is built on uncertainty is what continues to draw me to Eastern religions. Taoism and Buddhism seem so much more accepting and embracing of uncertainty, where as a lot of modern Western religion has (lately) become caught up in so many certainties. Like you said: more listening! And more artmaking!

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