True, true! And yes I think eventually I’ll write a whole essay on why gold paint is so amazing ☺️

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Jun 24, 2023Liked by Christine Nishiyama

Journeys usually start with some sort of decision - about where we’re heading or what we’re running away from... Every step you take / mile you drive / decision you make affects the outcome. The more we can Be Here Now, the more we can respond in a way that Feels Right. I like where your journey is taking you and I’m glad you’re taking us along for the ride.

(Plus I’m so glad you’ve found the joys of gold paint. Grin. I sometimes use metallic textas and feel that same tingle. I love your interpretation of that artwork. Well done.)

Have fun dear Christine. And good luck balancing all the balls in your very full life. 🤗🤗😘

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This is Awesome I just started to draw like a few months ago and i finally got the hang of it thanks for inspiring me😃😁🤗

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