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Yes! I completely agree with the idea that kids are curious about the darker and more mysterious sides of life. One of my daughter’s favorite movies is Coraline (she’s two). She doesn’t fully understand it but it speaks to her on some primal level. Can’t wait to see the finished book!!

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Love reading about your process Christine, stay true to your story and your style! You’re totally onto something about the hauntingly beautiful genre drawing us in. Makes me think about Tim Burton films, and Goosebumps books from my childhood!

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I love how you put so much thought into your storyline. You are both analytical and poetic. Keep striving!

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Yes, yes, yes!!! Adults are so SCARED these days! Their children are being raised in a world which is very different to the one their parents knew. We can’t keep kids locked up. The more they learn, the better they can adapt.

I remember the books that I really loved as a child. They were very varied, but some of those darker, richer themes have remained in my psyche for decades. I’m a very well-balanced senior these days. Books are essential stepping stones in life. Yours is going to be amazing!! I’m thrilled to be here peering in on the process.

Thanks so much dear Christine. I so enjoy your posts. Take care beautiful lady. All the best. 🤗🤗😘

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